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Federal Application Checklist

Here's a reference list of major steps to help you start your job search process:

  • Attend the General Employment seminar.
  • Call or visit the local FJIC to find out which application process you should follow.
  • Get the appropriate forms from the FJIC. If you will be taking a test, you should get the testing scheduleand the sample test booklet. If you are applying for positions filled through a register, make sure you get the appropriate supplemental forms.

  • Consult the FJOL if you are applying directly to a vacancy announced by an agency. You must call the contact person listed for each vacancy and request a copy of the vacancy announcement for that position. The name, phone number, and job announcement number will be given in the position listing.
  • To fill out your SF-17 or OF-612, type or print clearly. Describe your work experience, education, training, and accomplishments. Create a master copy of your SF-171, leaving blank the job number and the signature block and make several photocopies to use when applying for jobs. You can add additional information sheets if necessary when applying for specific jobs. Several commercial SF-171 software programs are now available on the market to make this process easier.
  • In your SF-171, address the specific "Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities" (KSAs) outlined in the vacancy announcement. Because KSAs are necessary for successful performance on the job, they are used to evaluate qualified applicants. Remember to include your volunteer work as work experience.
  • Mail or deliver your application to the office designated on the vacancy announcement or information

To check on the status of your application, contact the personnel office of the hiring agency.


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