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Article 4 - Hires over 300,000 People A Year
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Hires over 300,000 People A Year

With the Department of Labour predicting an increase in Government employment there has never been a better time to think about the benefits of working for Federal Government.

Federal Government hire over 300,000 people a year in all fields of work. If agriculture, transportation, social services, intelligence, commerce, engineering or education are your choice of career then there are openings for you.

If you're interested in advancing your career then training opportunities are available, as well as the opportunity to be promoted after working for a year. Of course with promotion comes a wage increase, typically of several thousand dollars.

Another incentive for working for the Federal Government are the benefits of life insurance, retirement plans, health insurance plans, and paid leave. Many Federal agencies have their own child care and fitness centers.

If you are a school leaver or a college leaver why not consider looking to the Federal Government for permanent employment, the excellent benefits they offer cannot be beaten easily. For a chance to prove you can take responsibility seriously and a fantastic groundwork for the rest of your working life take a look at the Student Employment Programs as a fast start to your Government career.

Another fast track way in is to apply for a summer job, as the saying goes it's not what you know it's who you know. Once you have experience and are known by employers you've hit the top part of the to "be interviewed list", by your past record and someone knowing you, rather being a statistic in an endless pile of C.V'S.
But don't leave it too late the time to start looking for summer employment is in December.

For the more mature job seeker having experience in both the public and private sector can be a valuable aid. Of course the main requirement is to be a U.S. citizen, or a naturalised citizen, and you'll need security clearance, so you have to pass a criminal and credit check.

The Federal Government has great career opportunities and there has never been a better time to look at becoming part of their workforce. The word is that in the next five to seven years nearly half of the Federal workforce will reach retirement. There's never been a better decade and wider opportunities than the coming few years to enter into what could very well be a job, a good job, for life.

So think today about your future working for the people, working for the Federal Government is challenging in whatever field of expertise you want to work in.
Whatever the stage of your working life, just starting out on the road or moving towards maturity, the openings that the Federal Government have could be the one for you.

Nonpolitical jobs have to be openly advertised for a specific period of time so the process can be quite a lengthy one, but do your home work check out your desired location and occupation and take the plunge, you've nothing to lose and a working life to gain. Check out today.

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