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No matter what your interest or skills are, chances are there is a government job for you. You might be surprised to know that not every government job involves sitting down behind a desk. Government jobs require people from every educational level, from high school graduates to doctors and lawyers and involve everything from working in an office to working outside in a federal park.

Work With Your Hands

Are you the type that likes to help build things? There are government jobs such as carpenters and mechanics that help to build and improve government property. Do you prefer hanging wallpaper to swinging a hammer? There are government jobs for painters, too. If you're passionate about working on cars and other machines, the government needs mechanics and other machine repair specialists, as well. Federal jobs like these exist all over the nation and are available for those who take the time to look.

Temporary Work Available

Federal jobs are available for shorter periods of time for those looking to gain some experience or those who want to continue to earn money while planning their long-term career goals. Are you an accountant who's goal isn't to prepare someone's 1040 for tax time? There are government jobs for accountants, too! Would you like to work for the National Park Service? There are temporary government positions for that, too. If you're a doctor or nurse that likes to travel and change your venue now and then, there are temporary positions to be had at VA Hospitals on a temporary basis. Temporary federal jobs can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year, and what you take from it is experience and another great item to add to your resume.

Unskilled Labor Needed

Even if you worry that you don't have the education or experience to find a federal job, there's plenty of federal positions out there for someone willing to work. There are plenty of housekeeping positions needed. Swing a broom and reap all the benefits of being a government employee, including vacation time and paid holidays off! If you are comfortable in the service industries, there are government jobs serving food in VA Hospitals to veterans and their families. What they're looking for is people with courteous, caring manner, not a college degree.

Keep Searching

If you don't find the right government job as soon as you look, keep up the search. Government is a big business, and like all other businesses, there will be turnover, and new positions will open up. If you can't find your ideal government job at first, keep looking. Look through the job listings and see if you find another position you hadn't considered before and apply. When your perfect government job opens up, you'll have already established yourself as a federal employee, which is a benefit in itself. With patience, persistence, and the knowledge that there are plenty of federal jobs out there, you can be assured that the right government job waiting, whether you're looking to be behind a desk or out of the office.

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