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The problem with finding government jobs is state, local and federal agencies don't typically advertise through the normal channels. If you find anything listed in your local paper it will probably only be a small ad tucked in the back with a poorly worded description, no contact name and a phone number that turns out to really be a fax. And while you're guaranteed to find something at your local Employment Security Commissions office you're liable to have more fun at the DMV.

This is where is a lifesaver.

The first thing they do is actually very simple; they research and link to respective city, state and federal government sanctioned websites almost all of which have the employment listings right as you enter the site. Now, you may be saying to yourself "I could have found that on my own!" but like the jobs themselves these things rarely get advertised. I thought I knew the city website for my hometown but after finding it on I now know I was wrong. The site I thought was official was not actually the official site for my city.

Turns out the local paper runs the other site, who you would assume knows their stuff, but just to be safe I checked it out to see what they had to offer. The job section linked to, which offers a heading specifically for government jobs right in the first drop down box. However all the listings seemed to be for technical military jobs, openings on the police force and positions at private contractors with government contracts, while necessary and noble, not anything like what I was looking for. If you're like me you're not really qualified for these anyway.

The next thing they do is guide you through the application process, which for the government at any level is like a private job application wrapped in a tax audit. If you don't know what you are doing you wind up filling out forms just to get more forms so you can get the right forms to apply for the job but takes a lot of the headache away by explaining which ones to fill out, where to send them and who you need to talk to in the process. I looked everywhere on and couldn't find anything specific about how to apply to government jobs. I guess being "The Largest Job Search, Employment & Careers Site" doesn't leave much time for details.

Since it looks like doesn't have these jobs listed or mention anything about how to apply to them what about the other two "major" employment sites?

At the present time only has five listings for my locale and all five were military related. I also couldn't find anything related to the proper forms and channels to go through for applying. had two pages but again the only listings not military related were some contract jobs and a few TSA spots and I couldn't find anything much about forms. On these other sites the only local jobs they have to offer are in fact mostly not local at all. Looks like has them beat all around.

So, if you're looking for a federal, state or local government job and need a little advice about how to work through the application process then you can't go wrong with

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